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Give you clearer skin and brighter eyes. The seasons, however, go beyond best colors.

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Color analysis looks at the natural coloring in your hair, eyes and skin tone and shows you how to echo the same characteristics in the clothes you wear.

Where to get a color analysis. Self analysis test if you have cabinets full of makeup and a closet full of clothes, but are unsure of what wardrobe and makeup colors are best for you, you are not alone. Custom color & style analysis from 1100 fabric swatches. “i was a bit worried to receive a long distance color analysis from ginger, because it was hard to trust that photos could be accurate enough.

Color analysis is a surefire method of answering what color suits me?, because it determines which colors of clothing and which makeup shades harmonize with a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color. Thanks to carole jackson’s simplified theory, discovering your season is pretty straightforward: Based on these three factors, you are either placed in winter, spring, summer, or autumn.

Not only does each season relate to particular color qualities, but also design style and even personality. Which of the 12 types are you? Spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

Seasonal color analysis doesn’t really help women who have color combinations that are unique to getting older. White hair with deep brown eyes. Next, select the most prominent tones from your skin, hair and eyes.

You will receive instructions on what photos to take and how to use the color analysis cards in the photos. In 12 seasons color analysis you can have muted colors, or rich and clear colors based on the saturation or chroma, or the intensity of the pure pigment. These color seasons are broken down even further, into 3 different categories per season.

Once you receive your color analysis cards in the mail, you will send me a series of photos. We’ve created an exclusive 12 type seasonal color analysis system in order to give you the most accurate color results available online! If for some reason you can't get to an image consultant the next best alternative is an online color analysis where you supply a good quality photo and answer some questions about your coloring.

Contact me to find out about my online color analysis service. The first step is the hardest. Use bone structure of face, hands, features to detect perfect style that you will love to wear and will flatter you.

So, let’s start with the season of summer. The color analysis cards are included in your fee. Your seasonal color analysis will help you determine what shades just won’t work for you based on your hair color, eye color and texture, and your skin tone.

Then, depending on how light or dark each of those things are, it puts you into a “season”: If you’re trying our products for the first time, would like to test new colors or just want a new look, our beauty consultants will carefully curate a customized sample kit based on your complexion and makeup style. Adding this third axis to the warm/cool and light/dark dimensions created a more complex and nuanced system that is more accurate for real people.

Making 4 season color analysis work for you. Your color style was created for you, because you may not fit neatly into a color type. You’ll get sample sizes in 4 eye shadow shades, 3 lipstick shades, 2 foundations and 1 blush all for.

When you're done, you'll get your color code and a complimentary sampling of the latest trend colors to use on your iphone or android, anytime, anywhere. has been a trusted source for free online color analysis for over 16 years. Determine whether you are a cool or a warm type.

Allow you to look healthier and more vibrant. Basically, it involves looking beyond your skin color to discover the undertone that gives definition to your looks. We'll look at your hair color, skin tone, and the color of your eyes.

From there, each season is broken down into 3 subcategories that are unique to you! A personal color analysis is the tool that enables you to determine your season, and thereby, your best colors. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s really helpful if you want to get a basic idea of what shades work for you.

You will receive your color palette by mail within about 2 weeks from when i do your color analysis. We analyze your hair, skin, and eye color to match you with your ideal color palette for clothing. It will also help you figure out the finer details, like what color of jewelry suits you (*starts filling a basket with jewelry gifts.

Seasonal color analysis takes the coloring and undertones of three things into account: will use these features as the basis for a palette perfectly suited to you! Brown skin with white hair.

Book an online color analysis to receive expert advice. Wearing your own 'color family' will: Start your color analysis with three easy steps.

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