Protective Styles FAQ

First time getting box braids, crochet braids, or a sew-in with Colour? Here’s the skinny on our most frequently asked questions.

How should I prep for my appointment?

We typically begin protective styles on clean, already blow-dried hair. Please wash and blow dry your hair straight within a day of your scheduled appointment. If you’d like your Colour stylist to blow dry your freshly-shampooed hair before your install, just let us know in the appointment notes. The add-on fee is $25.

Can my Colour stylist bring the hair?

For our Signature Goddess Braids or The Lady Braid, Colour brings the hair, and it is included in the price. Pricing for other protective styles does not include the hair. However, yes, your Colour stylist will bring the hair for custom braids, box braids, or Senegalese/Marley/Havana/Passion twists! You will be charged the additional amount at checkout. The braiding hair usually costs about $15 - $35 depending on the hairstyle, and the length and density of your natural hair. When booking, please let us know what color you would like for your hair in the appointment notes. Check out the handy chart below to match your color. A member of our team will give you a call before your appointment to discuss any questions or outstanding details.

Braiding Hair Colors

Braiding Hair Colors

If you would like to purchase your own braiding hair at a beauty supply store, please select a “pre-stretched” version of Kanekalon hair. Preferred brands include X-pression and EZ Braid. For medium-sized box braids, you would need about 8-10 packs of the smaller $2.99 packs, or 4-5 packs of the larger $4.99 packs. When in doubt please err on having more hair than needed — you can save the rest for your touch-up!

For crochet braid installs, faux loc crochets, sew-in weaves, or wig installs we prefer that you have your hair already on hand. There is a tremendous variety of styles and at this time we do not retail hair. For crochet styles or faux locs, we recommend FreeTress brand hair. For sew-in weaves, clients generally need three bundles of hair. Drop us a note in the app chat or email for more info on hair!

What is the standard width/length for box braids?

Our starting prices for box braids are based on medium-width (index-finger sized), waist length braids. Given the additional time needed for longer lengths, the add-on fee for is $35 for hip length braids, and increases accordingly for smaller width braids. Additional fees may apply in the event that you would like to cut and reseal braids after we’ve already completed a longer length.

To learn more about the full range of prices and styles, check out our detailed price list. Please refer any questions on pricing to the app chat or

How long should I keep my braids? And can Colour take them down?

We recommend keeping box braids for no longer than eight weeks; sew-ins for six to eight weeks; and crochet styles for two to four weeks.

To extend the life of your braids, we recommend touching up the perimeter at three to four weeks. Touch-ups around the perimeter of the hairline start at $85. To prep for your touch-up, please remove the first two rows of your braids, and last row near your nape, and wash/blow dry this portion of your hair.

Yes, we can provide a takedown of a previous protective style. Takedowns start at $55. Pricing is based on the degree of detangling needed, and length of time the style has been in place.

To schedule a touch-up or a takedown, please book The Goddess in the app and let us know your custom details in the notes!

By the way, we recommend following a rule of “one month on, one month off” when it comes to braids and weaves. Back-to-back installations can place stress on your hair and especially your hairline. Please give your hair breaks to help it flourish.

How should I care for My braids or Senegalese Twists?

Here are a few tips for keeping your style in great shape:

  • Braids typically feel tight at the beginning, and should loosen up after about a week. To relieve soreness, you can take a couple Advil, or try a warm compress with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

  • We recommend washing your braids biweekly. Dilute hydrating shampoo with water in a squeeze bottle and apply the mixture directly to the scalp. Massage gently and rinse, allowing the water to run over the braids. Try not to rough up the braids.

  • Pro-tip for Fulani/Lemonade braids: After washing, smooth a mousse over the cornrow portion of your braids. This important step adds shine and helps to prevent frizz!

  • Avoid traditional conditioners. Keep your hair moisturized with a braid conditioning spray and/or a few drops of oil massaged into your scalp every few days.

  • To extend the life of your braids, always (always) wrap your braids with a silk scarf or bonnet, and sleep on a silk pillowcase.