How To Darken Birch Butcher Block


We still love the butcher block! Walnut oil will stain the wood a bit so you may want to try it on a scrap to see if you like the finish.

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We purchased butcher block slabs made from birch, which has relatively low tannin content.

How to darken birch butcher block. It was recommended to me that i oil both top and bottom of the planks, so. I was thinking of using a couple coats of real milk paint dark half (tung oil with a citrus solvent). Thanks for popping in today.

The mineral oil will give a fairly clear surface and only darken the wood slightly. Apply, let it dry, rub it soft, repeat, stop the application when the oil no longer soaks in the wood. We recommend putting wax or parchment paper down near sinks when doing dishes and other activities that splash water about.

We sanded the butcher block down to bare wood. It can be found at major retailers at relatively unexpensive prices. One job was to sand down the block with a very strong wire brush every night until all traces of meat and oil were gone.

Eventually we’ll test a ‘kona’ stain on the bottom of the butcher block, which is much darker than the dark walnut stain. Butcher block oil, also known as cutting board oil, is a food contact safe oil to seal and protect your wooden food preparation items such as butcher block countertops and wood cutting addition to protecting your kitchen surfaces, it also creates a beautiful flat finish while bringing out the natural colors of the wood. After a light sanding, wipe away any dust using a tack cloth

Maple is the most common wood species for butcher block because it’s relatively inexpensive, durable, and widely available. How do you darken a butcher block countertop hello! Apply stain to every surface of the butcher block:

Many companies now sell products made specifically for raw butcher block countertops. Dark tung oil is a food safe option to seal and darken butcher block at the same time. With 178×25 inches of counter and 64×39 inches of island.

Depending on the type of wood butcher block you start with, the final shade will vary. Birch worktops show off the rings caused by the quick growth of the tree. It did a great job with project.

I delivered, stocked, etc at a small local butcher shop 60 years ago. So, following their instructions and advice, i finished all the butcher block with dark tung oil mixed 50% with citrus solvent. We used this orbital sander.

Ours were birch and they were naturally a pale shade. For butcher block, wood countertops, and etc. Since it has been six months since we finished staining my butcher block counters, i thought i’d share what we stained them with, how easy it was, and how they are holding up.

What's the easiest way to finish the birch while darkening it a bit? Can you stain birch butcher block? Paint on a layer of stain parallel to the direction of the boards.

How to seal a butcher block countertop. I knew i could achieve this same look with good quality products and some elbow grease. I have installed ikea's birch butcher block in my new kitchen.

But almost any hardwood can get the treatment: I started with 80 grit, followed by 120 and lastly 220. I researched this a fair amount.

Regarding a butcher's treatment of his butcher block, you say they let the meat liquids soak in. The butcher block counters that make me swoon have a richer, darker, shinier finish. I wish i could give you a 100% solid answer to this question because i have been asking the same one.

Watco checked all the boxes. It’s one of my favorite tools that has gotten tons of use. I have an unfinished birch butcher block that i'll be using as a home office desktop.

It was the easiest process imaginable. When it came to searching for the best treatment to protect the butcher block, food safety was also at the top of the list. It's not a stain in the traditional sense because you aren't applying pigment to the wood but rather oxidizing compounds already present in the wood to create a darker color.

Top, sides, and bottom (if any wood overhangs the cabinets below the butcher block). See more ideas about kitchen design, kitchen remodel, new kitchen. They are much darker after the tung oil.

Dip your paintbrush in the can of stain, and tap it against the side to remove excess stain. I’m loving the look of yours, and wanted to buy birch butcher block, but i’m trying to find a food safe way to darken the birch. Kimnegaard on january 8, 2018 at 11:04 pm melissa, thanks for reading!

On that note, we decided to go ahead and treat the top side of the counter with the linseed oil. Cherry, oak, beech, birch, tigerwood, and walnut are other great options.

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