Colorado Green Spruce Vs Norway Spruce


The needles are softer than in most other spruce trees. The norway spruce is our favorite and best large evergreen for windbreaks in the eastern 2/3 of america, and in much of the world in the proper climate.

Fox Valley Traders 4 PreLit Blue Spruce Tree by Holiday

The seedlings are often green, just as many colorado spruces growing in the forest are also green.

Colorado green spruce vs norway spruce. Concolor or white fir is good alternative to colorado blue spruce. Have to agree with spruceman. Growing a norway spruce is relatively easy if you choose an acceptable site.

Blue spruce is a western tree that is glaucous due to low humidity. Both of these spruce trees are fashionable landscaping species planted extensively for their attributes. Old trees are very recognizable by the long, weeping branches hanging from the main horizontal limbs.

Some may need a wide open space, for others you could plant in wide open areas, as part of foundation planting, in a container, or even in a rock garden. It is slightly stiffer than the norway spruce. Norway spruce is a better choice for you.

But cultivars for the garden abound; 15 year old norway spruce 35 ft tall. But often, there is little or no wax, and the needles turn green.

The colorado green spruce is a large pyramidal shaped tree with great dark green color. Fastest growing of the spruces. White spruce to help you decide which one would perfectly fit your landscape and climate.

Another very common spruce is the norway spruce, or picea abies. The most popular spruce by any measure, the colorado blue spruce is often the primary choice for christmas trees, ornamental landscaping, privacy screens and windbreaks, and can reach heights of over 100 feet. In nature, these trees are very large, with very dark green needles on gracefully weeping branches.

Norway spruce is ideal when grown as privacy hedge, noise abatement or wind break. Branches develop a sweeping, pendulous habit as the tree matures. Colorado blue spruce (picea pungens) is no longer recommended for minnesota landscapes due to its susceptibility to several debilitating spruce diseases, most specifically rhizosphaera needle cast and cytospora canker.concolor fir (abies concolor) and some white spruce are good large tree.

The white spruce is a tree native to extreme northern parts of the united states and grows in much of canada. Blue spruce (picea pungens), also famously called the colorado spruce, is a highly adaptable plant that can grow just about anywhere and everywhere in plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. The norway spruce is native to europe.

Graceful, strong branches are covered with dark green, attractive needles. The needles remain green throughout winter. The norway spruce is an introduced species that hails from europe.

Blue spruce does way better in more arid climates. Colorado spruce or blue spruce (picea pungens) green dragon spruce (picea retroflexa) red spruce (picea rubens) in addition to these spruce species, several cultivars exist including ‘dwarf alberta spruce’, ‘black hills spruce’, ‘coerulea’, ‘echiniformis’, ‘jean’s dilly’, ‘pendula’, ‘pixie’, and ‘rainbow’s end. The trees shown here are norway spruce and were used for privacy, to block noise from the road, and also as something pretty to look at from the house.

Spruce trees also make for an interesting topic of discussion for anyone interested in debating the line between native and invasive plant species. It features a pleasing conical shape, and can live for up to 800 years. This adaptation to low humidity is often its downfall in wetter climates.

Picea pungens is blue due to the waxy coating on the needles. Let’s take a detailed look at blue spruce vs. Dwarf cultivars grow slowly to 10 or 15 feet tall and are easily trimmed to the.

Some of these spruce species grow around 3 ft. Blue spruce, also known as colorado spruce, is our best selling tree! Two of the most common spruces planted are the norway spruce and the colorado blue spruce.

But blue spruce really stands out because it is tough, long lived, and adapted to a wide range of growing conditions. Other species of spruce—notably the norway spruce (picea abies) and sitka spruce (picea sitchensis) grow at a much faster rate. Some also have golden needles, such as picea abies 'aurea magnifica'.

I occasionally like to use this tree together with norway spruce. Blue spruce (picea pungens f. The white spruce and norway spruce.

Site suitability can vary wildly depending on if you choose a native norway spruce or a cultivar. Blue spruce trees are ideally suited for use in shelterbelts. Norway spruce needles have a deep green (emerald) color.

This may be the most prolific spruce there is!

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