Colour Chat: Atlanta-based Influencer Gabrielle Chanel Talks Building a Brand, Hair Care, and more!

Meet Gabrielle Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel is an Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger who runs the site Booked for the Weekend. The content creator says she can always be found "devouring a book or brunch." Below, Gabrielle is chatting about her growing brand, her hair, and more!


How does your hair help tell the story of who you are? 
There are two parts of my body that I truly treat like accessories— my hair and my nails. To me, my hair is meant to be limitless, which is why I love trying any and all hairstyles. Whether I want to be Zoë Kravitz one day and rock bohemian tresses, or Tracee Ellis Ross the next by letting my natural curls flourish in the wind, the options are endless. Your hair is meant to be a story of your life journey. Why let it end in the first chapter?

Why do you choose Colour for your hair services?
You simply can't beat the convenience of Colour. For me, my time is of the utmost value, which is why I love Colour. Their professionalism is top notch, and I truly appreciate how they're always up to date with various hairstyle options (and open to trying new things as well!). Who wouldn't enjoy having a premiere service done from the convenience of your own home? Colour makes me feel like a celebrity!


If you could give other women one piece of advice, what would it be?
It's okay to care what people think about you but never care so much that you 1) edit the hell out of yourself 2) stop doing what you know is right, or 3) forget to take your own needs, expectations, desires, feelings, and opinions into account.

What inspired you to launch your lifestyle blog? What are your goals as a content creator? 
For me, launching a lifestyle blog wasn't about being like everyone else, but simply being me, truly and authentically. In need of a creative outlet, I knew I wanted to share my love for all things books, travel, good eats, and self-care with others. And then BOOM, 'Booked for the Weekend' was born (thanks, mom, for the push!). The best part about this little gem to me has been the response I've gotten from women across the country, sharing their latest reading goals, or simply sharing that they've tried a restaurant recommendation of mine while in the A! As a content creator, my one and only goal is to create a community of women that share a common love of being "Booked for the Weekend."

Written by: Olivia Hancock
Colour Social Media Intern