Colour Chat: Delta Employee Kali Beyah Talks Her Colour Experience, Career, and More!


Kali Beyah is a woman who wears many hats. She currently holds a high-level position at Delta Airlines as the Managing Director of Global Talent Management and is a devoted mother and wife.

In this week's Colour Chat, Kali dishes on how Colour's hair services have impacted the lives of her and her daughter; career tips; and more. Read on to get to know Kali. 


How does your hair help tell the story of who you are?

I don’t know that I’d say my hair helps tell the story of who I am, as much as my hair— when coiffed by Colour—leaves me feeling good, confident, and fully equipped to live out and communicate the story of who I am. That’s what looking good is all about—it’s part of how I make sure I feel good. And when I feel good, I am better in every way—as a mom, a colleague, wife, and friend.

Why do you choose Colour for your hair services?
It’s a no-brainer. Time is the resource I lack most, so I have to be a strong steward of what I have. That means choosing Colour because it allows me to have my hair done without waiting, at times that meet my needs, whether early morning or late evening or even Sundays. My Colour experiences are consistently efficient and convenient—no travel time, no wait, no being juggled. That leaves me more time to be with the people that matter most—my family—and to get my work done, sometimes even during the blow-dry. 

I also use Colour for my daughter. That has been a game changer. Doing my daughter’s beautiful and very thick head of hair was NOT bringing us closer. It simply wasn’t good for our relationship. She is tenderheaded, I’m not the most patient, and we were nearly running out of movies to distract us during the process. It’s lagniappe that her hairstyles by Colour are 10x better than anything I could do. A tween daughter who feels good about herself when she looks in the mirror is priceless and makes me feel great as a mom. I count it an investment in her and in our maintaining a joyful relationship. 


If you could give other women one piece of advice, what would it be?
Other than use Colour? It’d probably be two-fold: 

1. Embrace timesavers so that you can embrace the people and activities you truly love. Whether it’s Colour, grocery delivery, or audiobooks, it’s a necessary evolution for today’s woman.  The demands of work and home have become 24/7/365 and since we can’t clone ourselves or add more hours to the day, let’s embrace the tools that allow us to shift loads and operate more effectively.  

2.  Release guilt—as a mom, wife, whatever.  Like worry, guilt is like a rocking chair because it gives us something to do but accomplishes nothing. As long as we’re doing the best we can one day at a time, let’s practice giving ourselves some grace.  

What is a typical day like as the Managing Directer-Global Talent Management and Assistant General Counsel at Delta? 

It sounds cliché to say there’s no typical day, but it’s true. My days are dedicated to developing and investing in Delta’s great employees—whether in meetings, training events, or strategy sessions, it’s very energizing work. 

Written by: Olivia Hancock
Colour Social Media Intern