Trending: Black Panther Celebrates Natural Hairstyles!

Do you have Black Panther fever, too? 

Black panther.png

It's a week of celebrations —Happy Valentine's Day!– leading up to the MAJOR event that is the nationwide Black Panther Premiere on Thursday. The movie marks a seminal achievement in natural hairstyles on the big screen, and we couldn't be more excited. 

Evoking a style of "Afro-futurism," the film showcases natural hair in countless forms, from stylized box braids to plump Bantu (aka Wakanda) knots to icy locs. We understand there was nary a flat iron or relaxer on site during filming. 

Feeling inspired? Get the look for your upcoming Black Panther premiere party or red carpet event! What a great opportunity to try something new and have fun with your gorgeous hair. Just send us your inspo pic, and we'll make it happen. 

xo, Debra

p.s., Catch Colour on CBS 46 tonight at 11:00 pm chatting about natural hair trends and the importance of Black Panther, featuring longtime Colour client (and muse!) Sarah Lampley