Colour Chat: Maura Chanz is a Dream-chasing Girl Boss

In this week's Colour Chat, we are putting a spotlight on Spelman College graduate and LA-based influencer Maura Chanz. Her lengthy resume includes roles such as BET Networks intern, co-star on the We TV show, Bossip, and apprentice to "Girlfriends" and "Love is..." writer, Mara Brock Akil. Without a doubt, Maura is a woman to watch in the entertainment industry.

Below, Maura opened up to us about her hair and the future creative projects she is planning to pursue while living in the City of Angels.


Why do you choose Colour for your hair services?

I was introduced to Colour as an influencer. Unlike some things that you try once, I loved their offerings and thought it was a needed service. Therefore, I continued to use it outside of the original gifted offer. I tend to wear my hair in a wash and go, but when I'm heading out of town, a protective style is a must. Amidst packing and my already busy schedule, having a service-provider come to me, is the ultimate convenience. 

If you could give other women one piece of advice, what would it be? 

If I could give another woman one piece of advice, I would remind her that what is for her will not miss her. Do not covet opportunities, network connections, etc. When you make it to the top, I promise, you will want other women besides you.


How does your hair help tell the story of who you are?
My hair is an outward expression of how I'm feeling/who I am that day/period of time. When I want to take up space and be noticed, it's BIG and free. When I want people to "see me," not just look or gawk, it's pulled back tightly to show my face. 

From working alongside Mara Brock Akil to hosting on the ATT Stage at the 2018 BET Experience, you’ve worked on so many amazing projects within the past year. What’s next for Maura?

What's next for Maura is a question I ask God daily. I'm open to opportunities and continue to receive them. As for what I'd like to be next, I'm interested in returning back in front of the screen and also adding a "created by" credit to my name. Additionally, I am actively working to relaunch my community, You Need TRIBE, dedicated to reigniting the spirit of tribal community amongst women.

(The braided style with accessories pictured above was done by Colour!)

(The braided style with accessories pictured above was done by Colour!)