Colour Chat: Inez Lampley Works Hard and Plays Hard

Inez Lampley is an educated and empowering woman. Inez attended Spelman College and Emory University and is currently running her own start-up food company called Fresher. Below, Inez shares how Colour makes her life as an entrepreneur easier, and gives us the scoop on her business and more. 


How does your hair help tell the story of who you are?
I view my hair as a way to express myself. I've always enjoyed trying new styles, like braids, and experimenting with my natural curls. I've been natural and getting my hair dyed the same color since I began college. My unique hair color — pressed or in braids — has been one of my favorite traits.  

Why do you choose Colour for your hair services?
Colour's beauty is in its convenience and execution. There's no better feeling than getting my hair done in the comfort of my home, coupled with definitive times that match my busy schedule. This enjoyable experience completely trumps any service I've had in a salon. I'm always amazed by the superior service and execution — my hair always looks healthy after each visit.  


If you could give other women one piece of advice, what would it be?
Your mindset is absolutely everything. Maintaining a growth mindset is key, and not always easy, but it starts with believing in yourself and your God-given capabilities. ALWAYS choose yourself and dreams, even if your family, friends, or mentors don't understand your motives. Be confident in your decisions and choose what makes you happy. NEVER settle; just get comfortable being uncomfortable because that's where you truly stretch and grow!  

You recently launched a startup company named Fresher. Can you tell us a bit more about the business? What have you learned about yourself since becoming an entrepreneur? 
 My family business has been operating fast-food franchises for over 30 years —  think brands like Burger King and Pizza Hut. While I was getting my MBA at Emory, I started Fresher, which seeks to bring healthier food concepts in the communities we serve. I'm extremely passionate about access to healthy food and view Fresher as an opportunity to diversify my family's business, while also keeping in touch with growth trends amongst millennials. 

One thing I've learned is that you must truly love what you are doing to be an entrepreneur. It's important to find your purpose in life and an avenue to be successful BUT understand that it doesn't happen overnight. Great things take time, and many times you'll do things about which you aren't so passionate to make your vision come alive. 

Written by: Olivia Hancock 
Colour Social Media Intern and Community Manager