That time I learned to striptease...

Valentine's day collage 2.png

When I was an assistant editor for Atlanta Magazine 15 years ago, we did a feature story on “How to” do all kinds of unconventional things around the city. Little 23-year-old me got an interesting assignment: "How To Strip." Off I went in broad daylight for a private lesson at the Cheetah from a veteran dancer, let’s call her Suzy. Stepping inside it first seemed like an utterly normal experience at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday. There were dancers studying their biology class textbooks at the bar.

Suzy took me to backstage and gave me the 411 on a the basics of private dance. The key is not to actually touch your partner, she coached. Approach, but stay a few inches away. You’ll want to select a song you love— slower tempo is better. Dim lighting. Start slow. Make eye contact. You don’t actually need to take off many or any clothes. 
Go with the flow and commit to your moves. Involve ice cubes. 

It goes without saying, have your makeup and hair done. Red lipstick. High heels. The absolute secret ingredient? Seamed, thigh-high stockings. (See above for some inspiration).

So, I wrote up my little article and years later decided to test out my learnings on a worthy subject, my future hubby Kevin. Have to say it was the most memorable Valentine’s Day of my life. Here we are ten years and, er, five kids, later.

Chances are if you give this gift a try, you’ll want a hair appointmentbefore, and after. It’s shocking between the adrenaline and the workout, how much you actually sweat in just 3 minutes of dancing!

Don’t worry, Colour’s got you covered.

  1. Maison Close L’Antichambre Underwire bra and sheer panties, $105 and $45
  2. Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Color in “Lover” , $28
  3. Agent Provocateur Amber Hold Up Black Stockings with Back Seam, $60

xo, Debra