Recap: Hairstyles Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Disrespectful

How is it possible it's the second-to-last episode of Season 2 already?! Last night Issa did not disappoint with a new slate of creative and fashion-forward hairstyles. In the cold open we get a glimpse of Issa's natural 'fro (typically her curly styles are twist-outs) as she debriefs Molly on the unfortunate incident with Daniel. 

Issa Rae Natural Afro on HBO Insecure Hello Disrespectful

Look two is a gorgeous twist on a flat-twist, worn during Issa's mea culpa with work friend Frieda. This look appears to start on stretched (aka softly blown-dry) hair. From the front and sides it's an elegant flat twist halo, but when she tilts her head (surprise!), there's a fun zig-zag part adding a touch of playfulness. 

Flat Twists Zig Zag Part Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Disrespectful

Look three is a slightly mussed-up version of Look 2. It's the end of the same day (maybe?) and Issa has found out Lawrence will also be attending the birthday dinner party—and that he blocked her on Facebook. As she raps to herself in the mirror, she's wearing similar split flat twist, though this time there's a bit of intentional frizz, and the zig-zag part is gone —suggesting there's nothing playful about this moment. 

Flat twists Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Disrespectful

Her next hairstyle projects confidence and edge, when she confronts the Vice Principal on his apparent exclusion of Latino students from the We Got Y'all programming. Here, her natural curls are teased and pinned into a faux hawk, while the sections on the side are pulled back with a pretty flat-twisted detail. 

Faux Hawk with Braided details Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Disrespectful

Look 5 is the true pièce de résistance of the episode and our personal fave: A striking natural updo, worn at the birthday party dinner party where she'll see Lawrence. Her hair appears to be prepped with a twist-out, then her coils are slicked back into four stacked sections in the faux-hawk style. It projects, 'I'm glamorous and unique, but for real, I'm not trying too hard.' As they say, gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

Issa Rae dinner party.jpg

Just one more episode left! What are your favorite looks from the season?