We Asked 50 Random Atlantans About Beauty…

What is beautiful when it comes to hair?

At Colour, it’s our mission to help women of all backgrounds look and feel beautiful. We’re constantly out here asking questions, trying to understand the changing landscape of beauty, and doing our best to share stories and voices of our personal journey to empowerment.

    A few weeks ago over drinks, our creative director McKenzie Renae had a brainstorm to take the pulse of beauty standards in Atlanta, and do a woman-on-the-street report, loosely inspired by the famous doll experiment. That’s the experiment in which scientists show young children a black doll, and a white doll, and ask them questions like “Which doll is good? Which doll is bad?" and "Which doll is pretty? Which doll is ugly?” The results can be heartbreaking.

In our case, McKenzie took to the streets with a collection of different photos of hairstyles on black women — natural vs. straightened, wavy vs. kinky, real hair vs. weave. We spoke with people of all races, ages, and backgrounds. A common theme? While many selected curly looks as more “beautiful,” they thought other styles would be more appropriate depending on your audience. Check out the video below to see our report.

Which hairstyles did you find most beautiful? Email us at Hello@getcolour.io and let us know.