Weaves Vs Naturals On College Campuses

The struggle is real for Atlanta college women.

The following is a guest post by Briale Harris, an editorial intern during Spring 2017. She is now a senior at Clark Atlanta University.



For six amazing weeks, I had the opportunity to work with my favorite beauty company, Colour Beauty, Inc. (of course) and take on a project like no other. I surveyed 100 beautiful girls on Clark Atlanta University's campus and the results were very enlightening. Here were my top findings:

Weaves Dominante

Fifty-one percent of those surveyed wear weaves, wigs, braids, or extensions. With many of the girls living away from home, it becomes extremely difficult for the majority of them to find a trustworthy hairstylist to style and maintain their hair for the nine months. Furthermore, installing a weave via sew-in doesn't require a lot of time and it’s very manageable day-to-day. However, despite the low maintenance, I've discovered that a lot of girls don't realize what the constant weave installations are doing to their actual hair and it’s quite scary. Many reported that their hair was breaking and falling out underneath the weave.

Natural Styles have Appeal

During the survey process, I was able to receive some feedback on what many of the girls actually thought about their hair. Most of all, 31 percent of the girls surveyed mentioned that they wore natural styles because it was the easiest style to do on their own. Also, girls with dreads mentioned that prior to college, they did not have dreads. Yet, with the fear of hair damage while they were in college, they eventually decided to dread their hair for maintenance issues.


How Much is too Much?

One hundred percent of survey respondents agreed that maintaining their hair is important. The most surprising part about the study came from the price point in which the girls pay for hair services. Twenty-six percent reported that they paid $200+ for weave installations. Many girls are being charged $400 or more for weave installation and $500 on the actual weave hair! One participant reported that she was spending her spring break money on her hair instead of going on vacation with her friends. Yikes!

In conclusion, young women at CAU struggle with having the time and ability to care for their own hair. I feel the girls are being charged unreasonable prices just to have their precious hair underneath become fragile and damaged.

Thank you,
Briale Harris

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