Recap: Hairstyles Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Blow

On last night's episode Issa rocked five separate hairstyles, not including the cute opening scene wearing her head scarf. The constant hair changes mirrored her jumping from guy to guy, or as Issa put it more colorfully to Molly, her "ho-tation."

In the opening scene, when Issa makes a restless late night call to neighbor Eddie, she's wearing a split halo flat-twist hairdo. The look is parted on one side and angled back like a diamond to join at the nape. In the mirror, Issa notes that her "Edges [are] right."

Flat twist halo Issa Rae wore in HBO Insecure Episode 6 Hella Blow

The next day she finds herself at the car mechanic, frustrated by the length of time and money it's going to take to repair her car. The look here is a perky puff — her wash-and-go decorated with a trendy black headband. 

Wash and Go Puff Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Blow

The next look is our favorite of the episode, and is featured in her scene with Nico. She's invited him over before their dinner date with the intent to seduce him (and skip the dinner). Her hairstyle here is a retro pompadour / pouf with flat-twists up the back — a look that at once both hyper-feminine and rebellious. 

Pompadour pouf Issa Rae Wore in HBO Insecure Episode 6 Hella Blow

Look 4, she's back with her girls at the "Sexplosion" event. The hairstyle is a sassy mohawk. Along the sides, hair is parted in four sections and linked with twists. 

Mohawk Issa Rae Wore in HBO Insecure Hella Blow

The final look of the episode is another flat-twist variation for her rendezvous with Daniel. The look is flat-twists up the back, into a pineapple with cascading curls top.

Flat twist into Pineapple Issa Rae wore on HBO Insecure

What was your favorite look from last night's episode? Let us know in the comments!