Recap: Hairstyles Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Shook

This week Issa continued in her attempt to build a roster of friends-with-benefits, and wears three distinct hairstyles for her dates and a work retreat. The episode began with a scene arriving at Daniel's house, wearing a similar tribal mohawk that she wore during all of last week's episode. 

Faux Hawk Hairstyle Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Shook

Her second look was our favorite of the episode: a split halo braid, framing her natural curls. This date-ready hairstyle begins with Issa's full afro puff, then the front is sectioned off like a headband. "Divide the headband section into two smaller sections, where you normally like your part," says Colour stylist Bree Mitchell. Using an edge control paste or pomade for control, braid two side-by-side small halo braids on the heavier side, and a single braid along the other side. Fluff surrounding curls as desired.

Issa Rae Halo Braid Afro Puff Worn on HBO Insecure Hella Shook

The final look of the episode was a half-up flat-twisted look—giving corporate casual a whole new meaning for Issa's on-site work retreat. About 3/4 of her hair is pulled back from her face. We loved the diagonal parting of the front sections (which can be either flat-twisted, or braided), and gives the look a grown-up, feminine feel. "It's an ecelctic, sassy, easy-going style," says Colour stylist Bree. 

Flat twist half up hairstyle Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella Shook

What was your favorite look from last night's episode? Let us know in the comments!