Recap: Hairstyles Issa Rae Wore on HBO Insecure Hella LA

It’s no secret that Issa Rae is our modern muse for fashion-forward natural hairstyles. We thought we’d do a recap of our favorite hairstyles worn by Issa on HBO’s Insecure each week, which are created by Issa’s longtime stylist Felicia Leatherwood. While Issa has become known for changing up her look several times throughout each episode, last night’s episode Hella LA took a page from the Lena Dunham Girls motif and focused on one extended, arguably dream-like scene for the majority of the episode—the ladies’ adventures at the so-called Kiss and Grind day party.

Tribal Faux Mohawk worn by Issa Rae Insecure Hella LA

Issa’s hairstyle for the episode could be described as a  “tribal twisted faux hawk,” says Colour stylist Ariel Benton. The curly look appears to start with individual twists, that were then twisted out to create a defined curl pattern. The faux hawk is styled with hair falling to mainly one side, and sides are then pinned back. Four small, alternating braids and flat twist details along the sides add texture and elevate the look to a more dressy updo.

To recreate the look, you can slick back your sides using an edge control like Loc N, which works well for both soft and coarse textures, says Colour stylist Ariel. For softer hair textures, or for a more deconstructed look, we love a pomade such as KeraCare Styling Wax.

Natural hairstyle worn by Issa Rae Insecure Hella LA