Real Reviews By Real Women

The big change we're making at Colour.


Big news! Colour has officially launched a "reviews" section to our app. For months you’ve been contributing your photos and reviews of Colour experiences (thank you!) and, now you’re able to share this helpful info with the Colour community. Read client reviews, written by real women, just like you. See how a particular hairstyle looks on a member with long coily hair, versus a member with short loose curls—and read about whether, say, her roots stayed straight for a wedding in the Georgia humidity. Seeing real photos of how other members in the Colour community have worn a look may inspire you to try a custom variation that matches your personal style and social calendar.

Be sure to update your version of the Colour app to see this latest feature, and keep those reviews coming! We love your feedback, and sharing your review with the Colour community helps other women find their best looks.  

Want your review to be featured in the app? Snap a selfie or photo after your next Colour appointment, and upload it to the chat (or email us your pic to!)