How to Rock Flat Twists This Summer

This week, the top requested style at our pop-up shop was flat-twists. Not surprising, since this fun summer look is cool, and humidity proof.

Colour- Flat Twist - Atlanta Popup

Here are five tips to rock the look:


1. Choose A Great Style

When you’re getting flat twists, it helps to have a really cute style for the twists. You can get creative and style them into looks such as an up-do or a side bun.


2. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t typically get flat twists? Great! Now is the time to try them! They are a versatile and easy look for summer that compliments all face frames. You won’t regret trying something new.  


3. Wear a Beautiful Dress To Complete The Look

Since flat twists are a fun summer style, the best way to complement the seasonal look is with a great summer dress. Find something bright and flowy to help you feel extra feminine.


4. Wear A Touch of Make-up

Flat Twists can sometimes be a very simple look, but with just a bit of makeup on, you’ll feel extra girly. Make sure brows are in check, and add a bold lip or a brush of highlight to help elevate  your look.   


5. Be confident!

Rock your twists with confidence! Summer is a great time to explore new looks and styles. Have fun with trying something new!


Our Summer Pop-Up Shop is going all summer!

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