How to Deal with Tender-Headed Children

Kids wash day rituals...

Whether you remember it from growing up, or are still living it as a parent, you know the weekly ritual of detangling, drying, and styling the hair of one or more little girls is not for the faint of heart, especially if she is TENDER-HEADED! You know, she's fidgeting, crying, jumping in anticipation of seeing the comb.

So, how to deal when your daughter is tender-headed? don't.

To deal with a tender-headed child, call in the hair professionals!


Here Are 3 Reasons to Bring In A Professional Stylist:

1. Stylists are expert conversationalists.

Stylists know what to say, and how to say it, turning new nervous clients into relaxed hands-off clients.


2. Your child is less emotionally attached.

Your daughter knows you and knows how to push all of your buttons. Why create that scenario?! Bringing in the professional keeps you as her heroine. No love lost.


3. Everyone likes a treat!

Your daughter will be so excited to be pampered, she will be on her best behavior (or will at least try) in hopes of more services like this in her future.


At Colour, we love making life easier for moms- we have enough on our plates and our minds already. So give yourself a little break and book an in-home appointment for your daughter (and you, of course)!