Do Men Prefer Straight Hair?

The survey results are in!

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A few weeks ago the Colour team got curious on date experiences and how our hair plays a part in the dating process, so we sent out a survey to collect information from our family, friends, and all of you! We were excited to see the difference in how men and women view the significance of hair in dating and the pre-date preparation process.

How often are we dating?

The first interesting thing we found in our survey results is that women date more often than men (or maybe they consider more meet-ups dates!). The majority of female survey respondents answered that they go on dates an average of 1-2 times a month, while the majority of men who answered seemed to only date half that amount with 6-8 times a year being the leading response.


Women: How often do you go on dates?

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Men: How often do you go on dates?

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Getting ready for dates.

When it came to pre-date night preparations our results showed that for women, getting their hair professionally done depends on who the date is with, while a majority of men typically get a haircut prior to all dates. However, women undeniably spend way more time getting ready with the leading average being 1-2 hours of prep time for women and 30 minutes to an hour for men, it’s still good to see the guys are putting in some effort!

For women the top go-to style for dates is straightened hair with most of our respondents assuming that straight hair or curls are the hairstyle of choice which men prefer. The ladies were right, our results showed curls in the lead for the preferred hairstyle of men, straightened hair as a close second, and every other hairstyle close behind.


Men: How do you prefer women to wear their hair on dates?

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It is important to note that ultimately more than 90% of the surveyed men selected that they don’t really care about their dates switching up hairstyles. We absolutely love this because it means you ladies are putting what makes YOU feel comfortable and beautiful first!


Men: Do you like when the person you're dating switches up their hairstyle for dates?

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Ideal date night

While a majority of women included a nice dinner as being the most important aspect of their ideal date, most of the men noted that they didn’t care what the date activity was, as long as there was good conversation (how sweet).

What did we learn?

What did this survey tell us? Ultimately we learned that you should DO YOU! Pick the hairstyle that you feel most confident in because chances are, he will like anything you decide to rock. With most of the styles being tied or very close in ranking, we learned that men like basically everything. We also learned that men are taking what we prefer into consideration when they are getting ready, so go ahead and shoot your date a compliment on how nice he looks. Overall, as long as you feel beautiful and you’re actively engaging with your date, it should be a great night out.

Do you have a friend preparing for "dating season"?
She gets great hair, and you get $25. Everybody wins!

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