Is THIS the Perfect First Date Hair?

What's the best way to wear your hair on a date night? Take our survey now! This survey is for the ladies. And this survey is for the men. (Feel free to share with your networks!)


In the meantime, a little personal story. I can remember the exact day I started getting my hair professionally done on a regular basis. It was during my last year of law school, and my old friend and study partner Kevin sat next to me in Employment Law class. This was unusual because we’d kind of been avoiding each other for years. We started off as study partners, and there was always a spark of something more. But at the time, I had a boyfriend, and he started dating a woman in our class. Our paths didn’t cross much over the next four years.

This particular day Kevin was chatting me up, and then he mentioned, it was over between him and the girlfriend. Like, so over she moved out. I nearly jolted up in my seat. I’d always thought Kevin was “The One”, and so from that day forward, I concocted a plan. I’d read this book called The Rules (y’all remember that?), which advocates putting extra effort into your appearance. So I started getting my blowouts done timed to Employment Law class. I bought four Juicy sweatsuits which I wore on rotation for carefully-orchestrated “cute and casual” outfits. Was all of this a bit much? Maybe so, but if anything was meant to be between us, I was determined to help nature take its course!

Loose waves for a date with Kevin. I think this was the exact night he asked me what kind of ring I wanted...

Loose waves for a date with Kevin. I think this was the exact night he asked me what kind of ring I wanted...

Sure enough, a few weeks later Kevin asked me out, and seven months later he proposed in Paris. Was it all about the hair? Of course it wasn’t...but I don’t think the freshly-done hair hurt in both making me feel my most “flirty” and to get Kevin’s attention and the ball rolling.

This week we got to thinking how hair affects our dating game. Is there an ideal way you like to wear your hair for a first date? Do you change your hair depending on the date activities? Is natural better than straightened or vice versa? We’d love to know your thoughts!

Please take our 5-minute survey of just 10 questions, for ladies and for men. Anyone who completes it will be entered to win a free Colour service! We’ll reveal the results in a couple weeks ;)

Xo, Debra