Box Braids and Finger Waves

Were you hooked on the New Edition mini-series, too?

We loved BET's New Edition mini-series!  (We know we weren't the only ones who sang along and pushed our coffee tables to the side to, um, 'reinterpret' their choreography.)  While we winced at some of their style choices- baggy shirts, leather suits and Jherri curls, we couldn't help but take a walk down 90's *girl* group memory lane.  Some looks should probably remain in the 90's, but others have proven they're here to stay.


90s girl style-colour inspiration- jade

Time wouldn't let us abandon the fly box braids R&B group Jade sported in their 'Don't Walk Away' music video... but we did manage to leave combinations of plaid shirts, combat boots and shorts behind.


90s girl style-colour inspiration- tlc

The 'T-Boz' was iconic!.  Cropped and dyed platinum hair with conspicuous roots and a center part offset by longer, face-defining face tendrils, T-Boz owned this look! And while TLC's extra baggy jeans may have gone out of style, their washboard abs have not. (Can we say #2017goals?)

Salt n' Pepa

90s girl style-colour inspiration- saltnpepa

And finally, an homage to 90's girl groups isn't complete without mentioning Salt n' Pepa.  Their asymmetrical curly 'dos, kente cloth kufis, custom colored leather jackets, door-knocker earrings and rope chains were iconic!  (We loved Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and Mama Tina's Halloween '16 interpretation!)


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