Natural Chica's Sleek Plaits

Today we’re highlighting a look selected by our Creative Director of Natural Hair and created by COLOUR stylist Ashley. 

Mae ‘Natural Chica’ Murphy, is a skilled DIYer, but she's also a busy mom and wanted to try out a new look - one that was a little more difficult to achieve on her own.

After searching the web for inspiration, she selected a great transitional summer/fall look - two sleek cornrow plaits, a slight twist on the Goddess Braids found on our secret VIP menu.

To achieve the look, Ashley blew out Mae’s freshly-washed tresses, using Redken’s Iron Shape 11 Heat Protectant and Oribe’s Heat Styling Spray to protect her natural hair, and polished off her blowout with a soft press.

Mae’s hair has great length and thickness, but Ashley added a bit of braiding hair for additional length and a more dramatic effect.  

Design Essentials’ edge control was used as a finishing touch to minimize flyaways, along with Oribe’s impermeable humidity spray because, well, we all know Atlanta’s hot & humid summer isn’t over until it’s over!

Voila! The finished look.

With the edges neatly laid with two thin cornrows feeding into the larger plaits, this is a great style and a nice break for busy women like Mae - Ashley advises that it’ll last anywhere from one to two weeks.  But in the meantime, Mae, mom of a toddler, was looking forward to debuting her new look during a date night with the hubby this weekend - thanks to a child-free weekend sponsored by grandparents!  

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