Making Over a Makeover

If you're on the internet at all, well, we're pretty sure that you saw this unfortunate 60 second hairstyle clip on the TODAY show.  Yes, we winced, too.  But we have to give props to the stylist for allowing this mishap to turn into a teachable moment (and a little bit of friendly revenge - well played, Deepica!).  We loved this natural hair 101 lesson she received from 4 fabulous black women - and her genuine openness to learn.  It brought me back to why Stephanie & I started COLOUR in the first place.

While abroad on an expat assignment in Mexico City with my family, I went to beauty school.  And while I was clearly the only student in the building with remotely curly hair, I realized that anyone can, and should know how to do textured hair!  So I flew in my amazing stylist from Atlanta, gathered my fellow curly-haired expat friends (yes, there are other black people in Mexico City!) and brought them all to the school one day to do a curly hair test day and instructional. My classmates loved it, and so did my friends.

Curly hair education shouldn't be an afterthought - about 43% of women in America have curly hair. Our dream is that the amazingness of textured hair is something that every stylist is versed in... and that that uncomfortable 60 seconds of live TV will never happen again!  

Thank you for joining us in this movement!

Colourfully yours,