Don't Contour - Nontour!

We stopped by the Nars boutique to see the debut of their fall collection, and hang out with our friend and the event's hostess, Nyssa Green, owner of The Green Room Agency.

Nyssa is an Emmy-award winning makeup artist and one of Atlanta's must-know residents! When she's done our makeup for tv appearances over the years, she had an uncanny ability to bring out an HDTV-approved natural glow. 

What's the hot trend for fall? Nyssa told us it's all about "nontouring" i.e., non-contouring. Says Nyssa, "Nontouring is a new trend of not going crazy with foundation in three colors painted on your face, and contouring with knives and all that crazy stuff. It's about embracing the beauty that is your skin, and bringing out the best of you from that perspective." 

We think a "nontoured" face pairs nicely with a beachy loose wave, and a fashion-forward middle part...The Boho, anyone? ;-)

Colourfully yours,
Debra & Stephanie

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