Re-think Your Bob

Yesterday COLOUR stylist Ashley worked her magic on McKenzie Renae, COLOUR’s Creative Director of Fashion & Lifestyle, giving her fun, chunky throwback box-braided bob.

We wish we could pull off this chic lazy Sunday ensemble so effortlessly! Loving McKenzie's breezy off-the-shoulder midriff blouse and jeans.

Behind the look...

McKenzie perused Pinterest for style inspiration, and presented a special request, an adorable chic braided bob.  She decided to give her natural hair a brief break for a few weeks, opting for a versatile look that'd work for her busy professional and social schedule.  


After McKenzie prepped her hair by washing with DevaCurl Co-wash, she used Joico's conditioner for color-treated hair and CURLS Blueberry Bliss Leave-in conditioner to keep her colored tresses moisturized. Ashley blew her hair dry by first applying heat protectant and leave-in by Basic.

Ashley then made circular parts throughout McKenzie's hair to help her individual braids fall more naturally around her head, and applied Jam for braiding to make sure McKenzie's hair blended well with the braiding hair that was added for more length and thickness.  Design Essentials Edge Control was applied to her edges to minimize flyaways.  McKenzie added on-trend silver ring braid adornments to give her braids additional texture.

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