Our Signature Style


We offer a wide variety of styles to suit our clients' discerning taste, and while we love them all, we do admittedly have a couple of favorite styles. One of these favorites is the C.C., or 'COLOUR Curls'- our secret signature look. (By the way - we're offering a special insider promotion this month - scroll down for more...)

COLOUR’s Creative Director of Natural Hair, Mae ‘Natural Chica’ Murphy, selected the C.C. off of our VIP menu in preparation for an upcoming business meeting. She wanted to be sure to choose a style that'd look great and last while traveling.  Her tresses were placed in the highly skilled hands of COLOUR stylist Britne, the originator of the look.



Britne started Mae's hair by doing a deep right part and sectioning her hair into three parts - two in front and one in back. She then applied Kevin Murphy’s heat protectant and Redken Smoothing Hair Serum to protect Mae's natural hair and minimize frizz.  Aveda brilliant holding spray was used as the finishing pre-curl touch, and Britne then used a small styling wand to help create beautiful, voluminous spiral curls with Mae's air-dried hair.

Britne suggests maintaining the look by applying a small bit of oil to maintain moisture and shine, and wearing it in a loose high ponytail covered in a satin bonnet to preserve it while sleeping.

After washing her hair with Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil line, Mae banded it to help stretch her natural curl pattern to create more length while it air dried overnight.  By letting her hair air dry she minimized the amount of heat to be applied to her natural hair; the CC is done without blowdrying the hair.


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