Deep Parts & Defined Curls

McKenzie Renae, COLOUR’s Creative Director of Fashion & Lifestyle and COLOUR stylist extraordinaire Britne worked together to give McKenzie a slight twist on her signature natural twistout. 

The ever-stylish McKenzie brought a pop of texture, inspiration, and her sparkling personality to the Intelligently Cool Series' 'Business of Influence' panel, with a chic black graphic band tee with a subtle statement necklace, black dress pants, wide-strapped open-toe stilettos, topped off with her deep part twist-out look.

So... How did she achieve this look?

With a crop of thick natural hair, McKenzie is mindful about alternating between styles with and without heat.  She spotted a few images of twist-out looks with a deep side part, so she opted for COLOUR's 'the Gloss', giving her look a new profile just in time for an appearance at an upcoming panel at General Assembly.

Using no heat and keeping her hair damp with a spray bottle throughout the twisting process, Britne also used Keune Care Line leave-in spraythroughout to strengthen McKenzie's hair, and worked Cantu Twist & Lock gel throughout to ensure curl definition was maintained after her twists were uncoiled and fluffed out.

Britne started by parting McKenzie's hair on the right, and did a series of flat twists.  Instead of starting the twists at the hairline, Britne did the reverse, starting them in the middle of McKenzie's crown and securing them with bantu knots at the ends, to provide fullness around the face once untwisted.

Check out McKenzie on Instagram for more highlights on her look! 

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