My Hair Story.

Black women are known for our 'frequent hairstyle changes'.  It's certainly not the case for everybody, but when you have the ability to wear your hair curly or straight, I say, why not take advantage of it?  Fortunately, as both a COLOUR co-founder and COLOUR Club unlimited member, trying new styles is not just easy for me, but it's (an amazing!) part of my job. 

This was my first time trying the very popular 'Lady' halo braid, a whimsical bohemian look made popular by one our very own Creative Directors, McKenzie Renae.  I wore it to Polished 2.0, a speaking engagement with the Urban League Young Professionals, and after I was done wearing the braid, it made for a fabulous braid-out!

For our visit to the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Girls Who Rule the World camp, I wore our signature COLOUR Curls.  I love these because they are a fun and sexy modern take on spiral curls, and work on both natural and straightened hair, alike.

For the Jack + Jill Bold Lips and Bow Ties event last week (which was phenomenal, by the way), I opted for 'the Sleek' to go with my equally sleek bandage dress.

And this... is one of my favorites.  As most of you know, I'm a mom of four! So it's important for me to have time to bond with my littles.  We offer Mommy + Me services so moms get a break from hair duty while spending time quality time with their daughter!  For our session, Elle and I opted for matching horizontal cornows... great for beating the Atlanta humidity.

So, as you can tell- I've tried (and loved!) the gamut.  If you haven't already followed COLOUR on instagram, please do! I frequently post Instagram Stories about the new styles I'm trying out thanks to the incredibly talented COLOUR staff.  

And if you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at - we love talking to customers!